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How to get a green card? Prices and immigration rules in the USA in 2024.

Getting a green card (permanent residency) in the United States is an important and complex process that depends on various factors such as education, job, family status, and investments. In this article, we will discuss the basic rules and requirements for immigration to the USA, as well as approximate prices and changes that may occur in 2024.

1. Family-based immigration:
  • Close relatives of U.S. citizens (spouses, parents, and minor children) have priority in obtaining a green card.
  • Other family immigration categories include reuniting with siblings or adult children of U.S. citizens, as well as spouses and children of permanent residents.

2. Employment-based immigration:
  • To obtain a green card through employment, you need to have an employer sponsor who will file a petition for your immigration.
  • There are several categories of work immigration, including high-skilled workers, professionals, temporary workers, investors, and other specialists.
  • In some cases, approval from the Emergency Situations Workgroup may be required.

3. DV visa lottery:
  • Every year, the U.S. government holds a lottery known as Diversity Visa (DV), where green card visas are raffled.
  • The DV lottery is open to citizens of certain countries with low immigration levels.
  • Lottery participants must meet specific requirements, including education or work experience.

4. Immigration through investments:
  • The EB-5 program allows investors to obtain a green card in exchange for investments in the American economy.
  • The minimum investment amount is usually $1.8 million, but for certain areas with low employment, less than $900,000 is required.

Now let's move on to the prices and changes in immigration rules in 2024:
Estimated costs of immigration processes can vary significantly and depend on the chosen immigration path and each applicant's situation.
In 2024, it is expected that some immigration categories may undergo changes, such as increasing the number of available visas or changing qualification requirements, but the exact details and changes will be known later. It is important to note that this article provides only general information about the rules and the immigration process in the USA, and each situation may have individual features and requirements.
It is recommended to consult with a qualified immigration attorney or official sources of information to obtain accurate and up-to-date information on the rules and costs of immigration in the USA.