Work visa for professionals and outstanding workers of various directions
High-status resident of the United States and Green Card EB visa
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We will prepare the case and all DOCUMENTS within 30 DAYS
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$ 12 000
Key types of EB visas:
For persons with outstanding abilities
For teachers and researchers
For international company directors and managers
For professionals with advanced knowledge and higher education or for individuals
For workers with skills in low-skilled, medium-skilled, or professional fields
For investors who will invest a significant amount of money in a commercial project and create jobs
The process of obtaining an EB visa is complex, and recommendations, evidence of achievements, and outstanding skills are required to build a case. Consultation with an immigration attorney is necessary to determine the most appropriate type of visa for you.
Unsure which type of visa is right for you?
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The cost of services starts from $ 3,000 in installments
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Immigration company from the US
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